Thomas Construction Co., Inc. was founded by Joseph V. Thomas and chartered in the State of TN as a Utility Contracting Corporation in 1973. The company began with only a Case Backhoe, one dump truck, and one employee other than Thomas himself. The first contract was a large mobile home park in Carter County, TN and was a sub-contract with Wells & West, Inc. of Murphy, NC. The second contract, a much larger project, was installing a new sanitary sewer system through Lake Arrowhead Resort in Waleska, NC, also a subcontract with Wells & West, Inc.

1974 saw extensive growth beginning with the arrival of Gerald D. Thomas, the youngest brother of "Joe" Thomas. Gerald Thomas, a graduate of ETSU, left his career as college professor to work as a project manager with Thomas Construction Co., Inc. In addition, Thomas was awarded its first major utility contract, as a joint venture with Wells & West, Inc., to install a major Sewer Trunk Line through the town of Valdese, NC. During this time the work force grew to 15 employees and 15 machines with annual revenues of $400,000.

1975 - 1980 saw further expansion with utility contracts ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000. Thomas' work range and area were also broadened. Site Grading and TDOT Road & Bridge construction were added to the services provided, and projects could now be seen throughout: Sevierville, TN; Kingsport, TN; Johnson City, TN; Jonesville, VA; and Bristol, VA. In addition, Surety Bonding was obtained with a capacity in excess of one million dollars. As a result, the work force increased to 35 - 40 employees with 25 - 30 Heavy Machines.

1980 - 1990 Thomas continued it's growth as Surety Bonding and TN, VA and NC Licensing reached Unlimited Capacity. Work force increased to 100 and equipment in excess of 125 units. Annual revenues advanced to $5,000,000 and some of the major contracts included the Jonesborough Waste Water Treatment Plant, the New Harris-Tarkett Industrial Site, Greeneville Wastewater Expansion, and several Roadway projects such as the development of Wilcox Drive to a 5-lane access from I-181 into Kingsport, TN.

1990 - 2000 Thomas Construction Company expands it's Road and Bridge operations, including the purchase of an asphalt plant. This move, along with concrete extrusions, completes Thomas Construction Company's transition into a full time road builder.In 1997 Joe Thomas decides to retire and sell the asphalt plant.

2000 - Present Joe Thomas retires and Gerald Thomas assumes 100% ownership in Thomas Construction Company and forms Thomas Holdings (THC) which includes Thomas Construction Company and adds Thomas Energy Company, Inc.(TEC) which is formed to allow for energy development in southwest Virginia. THC revenues escalate to $28,000,000 during the coal mining years. Unfortunately, fuel prices rise 300% and TEC was forced to discontinue it's mining operations. Infrastructure development again becomes Thomas Construction Company's primary source of revenue.

As the new millennium commences the nation's infrastructure is in dire need of upgrading and repairs. The future of Thomas Construction Co., Inc. as a major infrastructure contractor is limited only by its management's ability to develop more efficient construction methods. Heavy construction is by nature labor intensive and those companies who survive must provide security as well as training for it's most valuable resource, it's people. Thomas Construction Co., Inc. is poised for future survival and growth to meet and exceed such challenges.